Defining moments

1848 – Chicago Board of Trade

1973 – Chicago Board Options Exchange

2017 – Blockchain Board of Derivatives

Decentralized Options and Futures Trading Platform

Token sale ends in:

To buy BBD Tokens, just send ETH (only) to the address below:

Where to input the promotional code?

  • Metamask: “Transaction data (optional)”
  • MyEtherWallet: Advanced: Add Data ➡ Data
  • Parity: Advanced sending options (tick) ➡ Transaction data
  • ImToken: Advanced ➡ Data

If you have questions, please use livechat or send email to

Recommended gasLimit: 200 000. Do NOT sent ETH from exchanges.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the BBOD Whitepaper.
I confirm that i have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of the BBOD Token Sale.
I herby agree that there is no right to cancel my order once the contract had been fully performed by the BBOD.

1 ETH = 1666 BBD

BBD collected so far: 10 000

Min Cap reached!

Executive Summary

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One spot to trade derivatives and convert tokens

Single venue for cryptocurrency owners to trade crypto derivatives and convert tokens

High Liquidity and minimal market impact

A hybrid market design with Frequent Batch Auction and Market Maker provides liquidity and reduce supply-demand imbalances

Security of Assets

Members' funds always stay under their control on the Ethereum distributed ledger and are managed by smart contracts.

Security of transactions data

Members' transactions and orders (price, volume) are encrypted on-chain with elliptic curves post-quantum cryptography. No front-running, no spoofing.


Unique order routing and autonomous operations reduce transaction and liquidity costs.

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Futures and Options

Hedge your crypto investment against crashes or speculate on price increase using futures and options

Spot conversion

Convert your digital tokens with high liquidity

Listing service

Submit your coin for free, we make the market

Efficient Price Discovery

Discover real value of your digital tokens using our unique market microstructure


15 September 2017

Preview version of BBOD Trading Platform is relased

31 September 2017

BBD - ETH exchange smart contract on mainnet is released

1 October 2017

Token Sale

1Q 2018

Beta version on mainnet, support multiple ERC-20 tokens, derivatives, spot conversion, listing service

2Q 2018

Formal launch of BBOD V1.0. Development of analytics tools for traders, issuers and API for reserve contributors

3Q 2018

Further development. BBOD v2.0 supports cross-chain trading and exchange

Whitepaper & Executive Summary

Details explained. Read our whitepaper, or scan through a convenient executive summary.


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Piotr Arendarski Ph.D


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Krzysztof Urbanowicz Ph.D


Card image cap

Tomasz Jackowski Ph.D

Head of Software Development

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Marcin Pawłowski Ph.D

Head of Quantum Cryptography

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Hubert Olszewski

Co-founder and P&R Manager

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Andrzej Urbanowicz

Software Architect

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Paweł Urbanowicz

Full-stack Software Developer

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Mateusz Kara



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Prof. Janusz Hołyst

Head of Advisory Team

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Alexandros Agapitos Ph.D

Machine Learning Advisor

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Junghee Ryu Ph.D

Quantum cryptography Advisor

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Yoshiharu Sato

Algorithmic Trading Advisor

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Vladimir Dubinko Ph.D

Quantum Dynamics Advisor

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Yu-Jui Huang Ph.D

Financial Mathematics Advisor