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BBOD and Croschain Technology partner to bring Delio KRW – stablecoin to crypto traders around the world

BBOD will add Delio as a Stable Cryptocurrency to enable trading futures contracts denominated in Korean Won.

BBOD and Croschain Technology are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that will integrate Croschain’s stable coin, Delio (1 Delio = 1 Korean Won), as a potential deposit currency and collateral for futures trading on BBOD. In doing so, this partnership continues to push BBOD’s vision of unlocking the power of the blockchain to create world-wide, fully-featured, decentralized derivatives exchange with the possibility to deposit multiple-national stable coins.

“I’m really excited to see BBOD as the first decentralized futures exchange offering Delio, the first KRW stable coin, to the masses of Korean cryptocurrency traders. This milestone is an essential component for trading such cryptocurrency pairs as BTC/KRW, ETH/KRW, and many other altcoins” said Ms. Jihyun Park, CMO of BBOD.”

BBOD의 발전 가능성을 높이 평가합니다 양사 간 시너지를 기대하며 BBOD의 아시아 진출과 델리오의 유럽 진출에 큰 도움이 될 것으로 기대합니다” said Mr. James Jung, CEO of Croschain Technology.”

English translation: ‘We appreciate synergy between BBOD and Croschain. I strongly believe that this partnership will bring a lot of value to BBOD brand recognition in Asia and for Croschain in terms of our brand awareness and business development in UK and Europe. said Mr. James Jung, CEO of Croschain Technology.”

About Croschain Technology

Croschain is one of the most recognized brands in the Korean blockchain industry. Croschain that develops blockchain protocols, applications and other services related to blockchain technology.

About BBOD

BBOD, Cambridge-based, the first high-performance non-custodial futures exchange, provides both high-speed trading and on-chain settlement. Traders can buy and sell futures contracts with up to 50x leverage on major digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, EOS, Ripple, DigiByte, Elastos, Decred and many other altcoins. All profits, losses, margin requirements and account balances are denominated in a stable cryptocurrency TUSD, meaning that traders do not need to worry about price fluctuations of their deposits.

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