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BBOD and FasChain partnership announcement

FasChain, a leading Korean blockchain application platform, announced that it has formally entered into a partnership with Cambridge based non-custodial cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, BBOD (Blockchain Board of Derivatives). 

The partnership combines the power of the Faschain blockchain technology with BBOD’s trading infrastructure to provide a more scalable and faster trading experience at BBOD.  

“We’re committed to developing partnerships with promising blockchain projects like Faschain to enable the blockchain ecosystem to evolve at a faster pace.”

Sungouk Park, Head of BBOD Korea. 

Mr. Sungouk Park added that BBOD is enthusiastic about Faschain developments and consider Faschain as one of the most promising blockchain projects in Korea.

Left: Roy Kim, CEO, CTO & Founder of FasChain – Right: Sungouk Park, Lead of S. Korea at BBOD

“FASCHAIN is a smart contract and blockchain application platform with advanced consensus algorithm and high security, overcoming the limitations of the existing platforms. The partnership with BBOD is another milestone to build strong partnership agreements with top blockchain projects around the world, which may be leveraged to create multiple use cases for Faschain blockchain”

Jay Ryu, Chief Marketing Officer at Faschain.

From left to right: Jay Ryu, Roy Kim and Sungouk Park

About Faschain

Faschain is a smart contract and Bapp platform for real life use offering superior scalability and enhanced security compared to other platforms. The core technology consists of the use of Hyper DPOS consensus algorithm and high performance nodes. FASCHAIN aims to achieve the level of transaction speed no other platforms could have done. 

About BBOD

Founded in 2017, BBOD (Blockchain Board of Derivatives)  is a non-custodial, multi-asset cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Our purpose is to democratise trading to anyone by empowering our clients with direct market access to cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, stocks, forex, treasuries and ETFs from a single account without holding funds at the exchange.


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