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Events report: World Blockchain Forum Vietnam

Saigon Aug 18, 2019.

Last August 18th at World Blockchain Forum Vietnam 2019, Vietnam representative at BBOD, Andy Vu shares the next standard for the financial exchange industry with the Non-custodial solution. Smart contracts allow you to trade without ever having to hand over control of your funds. In a panel discussion about The Revolution and Global Insight of Blockchain, he continued other panelist’s view on government pressure on custodial issues: “All exchanges will adopt non-custodial solutions in the near future, otherwise they’ll get into trouble with regulators”.

After a series of hacks worth over $1 billion from Cryptopia to Binance, the Non-custodial solution is referred to as a ‘must-have’ feature on any trading platform. BBOD proudly pioneered to integrate this feature for the first time on a derivative crypto trading platform with an ultra-fast matching engine from GMEX, TUSD settled futures contracts on BTC and altcoins leveraged up to 50x. The best of both sides on one exchange.

Andy, Lead of Vietnam at BBOD, was a key speaker

The event hosted international keynote speakers from Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Indonesia, R3, Maybank Kim Eng and several regional blockchain companies. Variety of topics have been brought to 1000+ attendees, including blockchain application, digital assets, regulatory aspect on technology development and cryptocurrency and last but not least, Libra. The event also introduced promising projects about gaming, investment, stablecoins, social app, etc from the US, China and South Korea.

From blockchain cooperation perspectives, Tomochain, Treechain Network, Nami corp, and Coinhe exchange represent Vietnam and provided local insights with one key message: to educate and raise awareness from the public about the commercial application of blockchain technology, beyond crypto FOMO and speculation. Observed recent frog-leaps from these projects, the customer is now more eager than ever for a regulated sandbox to officially introduce guidelines for investors and businesses.

The event marked another milestone in WBF Group global series, which soon continues in Jakarta, New York, Soul and Hong Kong later this year. These are a great opportunity for blockchain projects like BBOD to update its development and upcoming plans to the public. 

At BBOD, we have launched the Private Beta. Take a quick look at our layout here and join social media Telegram English or Telegram Vietnam!

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