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How to deal with trading setbacks

In this edition of “The Traders Perspective” we have an interview with Benjie Pagayon, a Blockchain Analyst. For several years now Benjie has also analysed the crypto market through charts and he is now serving clients in several locations including the United States, Australia and Asia as a crypto market analyst.

BBOD: Thank you very much Benjie for allowing us to interview you!

Benji: Reply: It’s my pleasure.

BBOD: When and how did you get involved into crypto trading?

Benji: I started trading in 2014. But I’ve known about crypto and Bitcoin since 2011. My friend and I were mining Bitcoin that year. We sold all of it really cheap to the content creator and writer because we thought it was only a thing with small value at that time but later on we discovered that Bitcoin has a future so again I found a way to boost my ambition on Bitcoin and join the platform on crypto.

BBOD: What is the riskiest trade you ever made? What was the outcome?

Benji: It was when a platform [POLONIEX] got hacked in March 2014 and the blockchain was also hacked. That has ruined my portfolio and buy positions, it was a challenge for me and I just continued trading in the platform until today because I believe Bitcoin is the next big thing in the future of the financial world and these setbacks just made me stronger.

BBOD: Charts or fundamental analysis – what is your preference and why?

Benji: I prefer using psychological techniques rather than math on making chart predictions and analysis because the market depends on season, economics of origin and projects of one’s stocks.

BBOD: For you, what qualities make a trader successful?

Benji: A trader needs to be focused. They need to have the time and they need to be resourceful. They also need to have patience, discipline and remain optimistic and they must maintain good health then they will be successful.

BBOD: What sort of trading rules would you recommend our listeners/readers to follow?

Benji: You need to risk only 2% of your capital on a fast execution or either way and risk only what you can afford to lose.

BBOD: What are your top three ‘must haves’ in a trading platform?

Benji: My three must haves are:

1. The platform must be good, secure, no bugs and delays.

2. Must have drawing tools.

3. Must have security and history of your account.

BBOD: Here at BBOD we’ve started our Beta. Have you done beta testing yet? Any feedback?

Benji: I did check out the platform. I just have not traded yet because I have been busy lately, but will definitely trade once I have the time and focus. The platform’s options and tools are running smoothly and it is easy to use. I hope it has good security since it is new. I also hope you have a good marketing strategy to make it famous to investors elsewhere and to secure investors’ funds and to be competitive on every platform in the current market.

BBOD: Please tell us more about your social media platforms and how a newbie to trading can benefit from them?

Benji: I have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that offers the audience free bitcoin charts and tips, free chart predictions, pattern readings and current chart momentum on the top ten altcoins (especially on BITCOIN). They can visit my pages to learn how to analyze the market and they can message me on LinkedIn, on Facebook and on Twitter. Thank you very much!

BBOD: Thank you Benjie, we really appreciate you taking the time to participate in this interview and sharing your feedback about our trading platform. We’ll do everything we can to improve it and hopefully we will see you on board!

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