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How to trade crypto like a pro with Jan R. Schutte.

We are happy to announce that we have recently created a new special edition of interviews for crypto traders on our YouTube channel. On this occasion we interviewed Jan Robert Schutte, who is a Crypto trader and the Co-Founder of CryptoAcademy.

Jan told us a little bit about his background as a trader and how and when he started in the crypto field. He started trading in the late 90s with futures, options and shares. From 2017 he started CryptoAcademy and now he is invited as a keynote speaker in many different crypto & blockchain conferences all around the world. 

“Nice thing is that the same principles of trading in cryptos are not different from shares and futures (…) Crypto is 24-7 (…) and you can reduce costs a lot”

He discussed interesting topics such as the risk of trading in centralized exchanges and the importance of educating, empowering and encouraging people to onboard the crypto market, especially in countries with underdeveloped economies and serious problems such as inflation and political corruption.

“If you are trading cryptos you are your own bank (…) Be sure to find an exchange where you don’t need to be afraid of losing your funds”

We also wanted to get to know Jan better so we asked him about some random topics like his favourite movies, hobbies and his top 3 favourite people in crypto. He also shared with us his perspective about Bitcoin’s value in the future and its possible future dominance in the market.

Jan provided a few interesting tips for crypto newbies and highlighted some of his favourite trading strategies and tools for a successful trading strategy, from his experience. 

“To enter and exit a trade I always take a look at levels, retracements and momentum”

Finally, we discussed the importance of education in the crypto field and trading in general, explaining how CryptoAcademy could benefit a trader that is just getting started in crypto. 

We are very proud and grateful to count on Jan as one of our Private Beta testers. We really appreciate his support!

Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for more top trader interviews coming very soon!

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