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The tech behind BBOD’s ultra-fast matching engine

Hey! My name is Hannah, I work in the PR and Marketing department here at BBOD. I am also the voice of the announcements on our Telegram group and regularly conduct interviews on our YouTube channel.

Today I am going to be sharing with you our day visiting the GMEX Group office in the UK’s capital city, London.

We are a client partner of GMEX Group as they have developed an ultra-fast, low latency matching engine exclusively for futures trading at BBOD. We believe at BBOD because of the importance of GMEX to our company, we want to make all of our clients more aware of this partnership through conducting two interviews.

One of our offices is located on the Cambridge Science Park in the UK so to begin the day we travelled into London to head to the GMEX office which is located in the historic place of The Royal Exchange.


First interview: Hirander Misra

Firstly, we filmed an interview with the CEO of GMEX Group, Hirander Misra. This is your opportunity to discover the background of GMEX and what their mission is as company. This interview provides an introduction to the company and it will be your chance to discover why they were the perfect choice for us, to develop and manage BBOD’s matching engine.

Second interview: Tony Harrop

The second interview is with Tony Harrop, the Co-Founder and Director of GMEX Technologies; here we delve more into the tech behind BBOD’s matching engine and why it could be the fastest in the industry.

Tony Harrop then gave us a tour of the building and told us about the history behind The Royal Exchange and the trading floor located within the building. It was very interesting and seemed like a wonderful place to work.

Tony explaining Hannah about the history of The Royal Exchange
Tony and Hannah at the GMEX office

Our partnership with GMEX

We are very proud to say that we are working with GMEX and that they have developed BBOD’s matching engine. A big thank you to Hirander, Tony and the GMEX team for allowing us to visit their office, create two interviews and for working with us on this, it was a pleasure!

Stay tuned!

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Be in charge - at BBOD we believe that it’s crucial to give the control of your assets into your hands.


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