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Tech Report: Optimization of BBOD trading platform

Hello BBOD traders! Since the last Tech Update, the BBOD engineering team have been working day and night to provide a robust platform for our users. As promised, we are back again with another Tech Update to keep you posted about what’s going on with the development of our exchange.

This time we will divide the updates into Backend and Front End progress: 


  • Improved database stability with improved memory allocation
  • Orderbook crossing bug found and being corrected
  • Found a bug in the matching engine regarding decimal place rounding (WIP)
  • Booting time was improved from 15 minutes down to 3 (including application startup time and order book management system)
  • A few new end points in account tab for affiliates and cashback were implemented
  • 2FA implementation was started (WIP – for now we have Google Authorization)
  • Implemented a more secure login model 
  • Overall performance improvements achieved everywhere in code

Front End

  • CAPTCHA for registration was implemented
  • Introduced web workers = using more than 1 thread in the application
  • UI performance was improved 2x
  • Translations on the platform were added for a few missing languages
  • Testing for front end (end to end, behavioral and unit)

Devs Tip: Web workers – multithreading on frontend? 

Most front-end developers believe that JavaScript event loop is single-threaded and they would be correct! Therefore, this means anything that is CPU intensive or will take some time to complete will be blocking.

What can be done about it?

Web Workers introduces another thread to perform work which means you can still use an application while your browser does the heavy load.

TIP: Use Web Workers whenever you can. It’s as simple as:

var myWorker = new Worker(‘worker.js’);


We are making progress every day, working hard to deliver a high-end, semi-decentralised cryptocurrency futures trading platform. Our hybrid architecture offers the user experience of a centralised trading platform whilst providing the security and privacy of a decentralised exchange.

Don’t forget that we will be releasing tech updates like this every Monday! 

If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to reach out to us, either through our Telegram Group or any of our other social media channels.

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