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The 1,000,000 BBD Airdrop has been launched with 40,000 users in the first 40 hours!

Hello traders from all parts of the world!

Enthusiasm continues to grow around the upcoming launch of BBOD – the world’s first non-custodial multi-asset cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Our social media channels have exploded this week. Thousands of new traders have pre-registered at BBOD and joined the Airdrop (45,000 in the first 40 hours). In this article we will explain the “1,000,000 BBD Airdrop” and provide you with an insight into the BBOD exchange and BBD tokens.

1,000,000 BBD Airdrop overview

The airdrop is the last chance to get up to 10,000 BBD tokens before the launch of the first ever multi-asset non-custodial cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. By entering this airdrop we automatically pre-register you at BBOD and book your spot at the exchange so that you will be the first in line when we begin to on-board traders. BBD tokens will be distributed to 20,000 users who enter the airdrop and confirm their email. Users who refer the most friends will get the highest amount of BBD tokens.

How to enter the airdrop?

  1. Go to, insert your email in the registration form and click “Pre-register”.
  2. Confirm your email address to complete pre-registration.
  3. Join BBOD telegram chat.
  4. Share your referral link to your friends using social media to earn the most of BBD tokens.

You will get 1 credit for each time your friend signs up and verifies his/her email address.

Airdrop rewards

  • The top 5 users will get 10,000 BBD tokens each.
  • The next 6 – 10 users will get 5,000 BBD tokens each.
  • The next 11 – 100 users will get 500 BBD tokens each.
  • The next 101 – 20,000 users will get 50 BBD tokens each.

You can check your status and position when you type your email in the registration form again and click pre-register.

The promotion will end on the 30th of July 2019. Once the promotion ends, the prizes will be credited to your BBOD account.

In order to withdraw your reward, you’ll need to complete trades (closed trades) with a notional traded value of 25,000 TUSD (users from positions 101 – 20,000) and 50,000 TUSD (users from positions 1 – 100).

After generating the appropriate traded volume you can withdraw all of your free tokens from your trading account!

Have any questions? Please check our FAQ.

Why should you hold BBD tokens?

BBD is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain with the total supply of 117,382,569 BBD. Just like with BNB coin of Binance, BBD token allows you to receive a substantial discount on trading fees up to 20%.

The demand and price for BBD is mostly driven by the amount of trading volume on the BBOD exchange. The more trading at BBOD, the higher the potential price of BBD tokens. All traders on the BBOD exchange need to hold BBD in order to participate in leveraged trading and receive discounts.

What will be the price of a BBD token? We do not know what the future holds, but the best way to estimate the approximate value is to compare the BBD token with other existing exchanges’ tokens like Binance’s BNB (similar total supply : 141.1m tokens).

The comprehensive analysis and valuation on the BBD coin has been produced by the independent research house “BBOD Research”, which can be found here. BBOD Research has concluded: ‘We initiate a strong bullish stance towards the BBD tokens, Overweight, 12-month EFV in the range of $1.23 – $12.26 per BBD token depending on the traded volume.’

What is BBOD?

Founded in 2017, BBOD (“Blockchain Board of Derivatives”) is aiming to be the largest multi-asset non-custodial cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Our purpose is to democratise trading to anyone by empowering our clients with direct market access to cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, stocks, forex, treasuries, and ETFs from a single account without holding your coins on the exchange.

We serve our clients by providing access to global financial markets by listing perpetual and futures contracts with a leverage of up to 50x. With hundreds of instruments to trade you will be able to find opportunities in both rising and falling markets, create a diverse portfolio and increase your potential trading opportunities. You can choose to trade all asset classes from a single account using cryptocurrency as a deposit, without KYC and without holding coins at the exchange.

Refer your friends to win up to 10,000 BBD tokens

The more friends you refer, the more credits you will receive which will enhance your position on the list. To receive 10,000 BBD tokens your position must be in the top 5, so keep referring friends until you achieve this.

You can refer using various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Telegram, Korean Naver, Chinese Weibo and others will be added soon.

With the explosive interest we’ve witnessed so far, having over 40,000 users within 2 days without announcing the airdrop on the company pages, we’re confident that we will have a massive amount of users signed up by the time we roll out the platform to the public in 2019. This means there will be an overpowering demand for the BBD token as traders will need these tokens to trade all asset classes.

We are working hard to launch the world’s first multi-asset non-custodial cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Stay tuned!



Pre-register at BBOD and get up to 10,000 BBD tokens!


Please note, BBD is a utility token (like BNB) and you should not hold or buy with expectation for price increase. You should hold or buy only when you intend to trade at BBOD exchange and receive discount in trading fees.

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