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The Ultimate List of Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks

Key Takeaways
– $1.74B = all-time amount hacked from cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide
– $158M = amount hacked in 2019
– Bitcoin is the most often stolen cryptocurrency

For the past decade, Crypto Exchanges have faced the wrath of hackers. More than 1.7 Billion US Dollars have been stolen from Crypto exchanges.

The alarming trend in the crypto exchange market is that, within the first 7 months of 2019, the industry has experienced the same number of hacking attacks as in the entire of the previous 2018 year, and cyber security gaps in 2019 were mainly experienced by the established crypto exchanges.

The detailed list of hacks at cryptocurrency exchanges that have happened between 2011 and 2019

Date Exchange CountryAmount Cryptocurrencies affected
November 2019UpbitSouth Korea$50,000,000Ethereum
July 2019 BitpointJapan$32,000,000Bitcoin, BTC Cash, Ripple.
June 2019BitrueSingapore$5,000,000Ripple and Cardano.
June 2019Gatehub Slovenia$10,000,000Ripple
May 2019BinanceMalta$41,000,000Bitcoin
March 2019BithumbSouth Korea$13,000,000Ripple and EOS
March 2019DragonExSingapore$7,000,000Multiple major coins
September 2018ZaifJapan$60,000,000Bitcoin
Jun 2018BancorSwitzerland$23,500,000Ethereum and others
Jun 2018CoinrailSouth Korea$40,000,000Multiple coins
Jun 2018BithumbSouth Korea$31,000,000XRP
Apr 2018CoinsecureIndia$3,500,000Bitcoin
Feb 2018BitGrailItaly$195,000,000NANO
Jan 2018CoincheckJapan$534,000,000NEM
Dec 2017Nicehash$60,000,000Bitcoin
Dec 2017YoBitSouth Korea17% of crypto assets
Aug 2017OKEXHong Kong$3,000,000Bitcoin
Apr 2017Ether Delta$266,000Ethereum
Apr 2017YapizonSouth Korea$5,300,000Bitcoin
Apr 2017YoBitSouth Korea$5,600,000
Feb 2017BithumbSouth Korea$7,000,000Bitcoin
Aug 2016BitfinexHong Kong$72,000,000Bitcoin
Feb 2015BTER$1,750,000Bitcoin
Jan 2015BitstampLuxembourg$5,100,000Bitcoin
Oct 2014MintpalUK$3,500,000Vericoin, Bitcoin
Oct 2014BitpayUnited States$1,800,000Bitcoin
Jul 2014CryptsyUnited States$9,500,000Bitcoin, Litecoin
Mar 2014PoloniexUnited States$50,000Bitcoin
Feb 2014Mt. GoxTokyo$460,000,000Bitcoin
Nov 2013PicoStocks$6,000,000Bitcoin
Nov 2013BIPS$1,000,000Bitcoin
Nov 2013Inputs io$1,200,000Bitcoin
May 2013Vicurex$50,000,000Bitcoin
Dec 2012BitMarket$260,000Bitcoin
Sep 2012Bitfloor$250,000Bitcoin
Oct 2011Bitcoin 7$50,000Bitcoin
Jul 2011Mt. GoxTokyo$30,000Bitcoin

The number of hacks at cryptocurrency exchanges that have happened between 2011 and 2019

YearNumber of hacksTotal amount affected
Jan-Nov 2019 7158,000,000 USD
20187887,000,000 USD
2017781,166,000 USD
2016172,000,000 USD
201526,850,000 USD
20145474,850,000 USD
2013458,200,000 USD
20122510,000 USD
2011280,000 USD

You might notice by now that the exchanges are at major risk by hacks. To combat this, crypto exchanges have tried to use various techniques like storing funds in cold wallets. However, as exchanges operate over the web, some funds are also stored in hot wallets. While the hot storage (online wallet, e.g. Metamask) of private keys has lead to these headline snatching news, there are surely ways to have a secure, simple and entertaining crypto trading experience.

To keep your funds safe at the exchange, BBOD has come up with a novel non custodial solution. It means that we do not hold your funds, instead they are safely stored inside a special ethereum wallet called a smart contract and simply cannot be hacked. This proprietary method by BBOD uses the Ethereum blockchain paired with a smart contract programmed on the blockchain to keep user funds safe. This is where the offering by BBOD comes to the rescue.

BBOD offers a state of the art non custodial trading platform with leverage up to 50x. Trading on BBOD is much safer than any other centralised exchange.

This is a community driven research article. You can contribute to the research and find the table of cryptocurrency hacks with all the details. Please report any missing hack to our telegram chat :

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