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Tips for Crypto Traders from @TraderViniSouza

In this edition of “The Traders Perspective” we interview Vinicius Souza Trader, a Brazilian crypto trader who shares his expectations regarding the growth of futures trading, some of his strategies and tips for beginners, and his opinion in regards to what he thinks crypto traders require from exchanges.

Full interview with the crypto trader Vinicius Souza:

BBOD: Thank you so much Vinicius for allowing us to interview you! So the first question is: when and how did you start trading? Do you only trade cryptocurrencies?

Vinicius: I started to trade on September 12, 2017 and I work only with cryptocurrencies.

BBOD: What was the riskiest trade you ever made? What was the result?

Vinicius: The riskiest operation was to operate with the capital of a group of investors, my result was 2% positive!

BBOD: What is your main trading strategy and what kind of trading tools do you use to analyze the market? Graphs or reasoned analysis – what is your preference and why?

Vinicius: I use the strategy of buying at support and selling near resistance, using the graphical indicators and tools on TradingView. My trade is based on technical analysis because it tends to respect the indicators. I use support and resistance, Fibonacci, MACD, RSI and moving averages.

BBOD: What qualities do you think make a successful professional trader?

Vinicius: Setting up a strategy and following it, a positive setup makes all the difference for the trader to have consistency in the market.

BBOD: What are the most common mistakes traders make and how to avoid them?

Vinicius: The most common mistake is to operate when emotional, we must avoid putting feelings in the operations so we become more technical and safer in our actions.

BBOD: What kind of trade rules or principles would you recommend to our listeners / readers to follow?

Vinicius: Follow the market and understand how the waves of buying and selling the asset work. Learn how to use the graphical indicators and follow the big players to follow their movements, fleeing the herd effect.

BBOD: What are the top three items a trading platform should have?

Vinicius: Safety first, liquidity second, and lastly a user-friendly layout.

BBOD: What would you like to know before you started trading?

Vinicius:. The market will always have ups and downs, opportunities always come.

BBOD: How can a Trader prevent his greed from influencing the size of his position?

Vinicius: Always work with a goal first and know where you can go.

BBOD: The BBOD has begun testing the private beta. Have you had a chance to take a look? Got any feedback?

Vinicius: Yes, I found it very interesting and innovative. The futures market on crypto is only just the beginning and we have a lot to grow!

BBOD: Please tell us more about your educational service and how can a novice trader benefit from your educational service?

Vinicius: I work with consulting, focusing on students who are aware of crypto assets and want to operate this market. I also help beginner traders adjust their Setup as positively as possible! People who want to get started in the cryptocurrency trade market can contact me via social media or WhatsApp and I will support them to start trading in the crypto market.

BBOD: Thank you Vinícius, we really appreciate your participation in this interview and thank you for sharing your knowledge with our community. We will do everything we can to improve our platform and look forward to seeing you on board!

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