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Why we are making communication our top priority at BBOD

If you have been following our development path through the last year or so you may have noticed, we have had a fairly quiet communication style here at BBOD. We only ever posted about big milestones that we achieved, events that we attended or interesting partnerships that we made.

We believe now is the time to improve our communication. Why? Simply because we want to reward your patience and support for all this time you have followed our journey, by providing you with more information about what’s going on inside BBOD.

We have an amazing international team that is working hard to provide you with the best crypto-trading experience ever; along with an outstanding customer support team. Each and every one of us is doing our part to bring you the best that we possibly can and maybe that is why we have been so silent up until now.

We believe it is the right time for us to show you everything BBOD has to offer. We will start posting in our blog almost daily, providing you with:

  • Weekly Tech Updates of our trading platform (the first one has already been posted!)
  • Monthly reports from each region where we have a country representative, covering markets updates, news and activities: Japan, China, South Korea, India, Philippines, Brasil, Africa, Vietnam and LATAM.
  • Content about hot topics in the crypto and Blockchain sphere.
  • Educational articles and videos about crypto-futures trading (hang tight for our new series coming to our YouTube channel very soon!)
  • Journalistic sessions with our partners and various offices around the world
  • More, more and more!

We are an ever growing team! To help get us started, 3 new journalists have joined us that will be contributing to our content. So, now we have more than 30 people working to deliver the first hybrid, semi-decentralised cryptocurrency futures trading platform. 

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and questions. We are eager to hear your feedback!


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